Jul 162013

Our Mission is to create a change in global consciousness so that the basic needs of ALL beings may be met. May the Metta become the central tenet by which humanity makes choices.

  • - May All Beings Have Fresh Air to Breathe -

Why Metta?

The Metta advocates using our most powerful tools, love and kindness, for personal, ecological, and social transformation. The Metta is a new story to seed consciousness with joyous possibility so that fresh air, water, food, love, joy and peace become realities in this world. As a platform on which all ecological and social movements may stand, the Metta highlights WE consciousness, unity and relationship. Metta promotes a worldview that can free us from the grip of the industrial growth society for when we draw our thoughts, words, actions, principles, and policies from the Metta, we can return to harmony within ourselves and in the world.

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View photos from our 2014 event in Boise

May all beings have fresh air to breathe

May all beings have fresh clean water to drink

May all beings have food to eat

May all beings have a home

May all beings have someone to share love with

May all beings know their true purpose

May all beings be well and happy

May all beings be free from suffering

Today, I shall do what I can to make this so.

Jan 152015
LGBT (Hayamoni) Metta

As Hayamoni we vow to find the wisdom to know, honor, and share our true self  as duty requires. We let go of the rebellious child to unify as one heart, as one people, for sacred purpose. We allow Great Weaver to tickle our Spirit so we may share laughter and inspire others to joy. […]

Jan 082015
Childrens Metta

Children’s Metta – Written by children for children. May children have lots of hugs and kisses so they know they are loved. May all children be safe from harm, have good food, and a secure home. May children protect their little brothers and sisters and be kind to them. May children allow other children to […]

Jul 142014
Mens' Metta

We are happy to share with you the Mens’ Metta. A statement and calling to the Noble Nature of men, that they might find what is needed for themselves and their brothers to thrive.  Mens’ Metta We remember we are born from the Mother. We are grateful for the gift of life. We find the […]

Jul 142014
Women's Metta

We are grateful to share this Women’s Metta with you. This is a Metta created specifically for women to discover what is needed for themselves and each other to thrive. Women’s Metta: We declare and vow That each woman shall learn to Accept herself and respect her sisters. That women shall come to see the […]

Feb 082014
World Day of Metta 2014

March 22, 2014 from Noon until Two in YOUR time zone – sing, dance, meditate, recite or pray the Metta with intention for World Peace and Hope.   Join us in sharing this great message of hope, compassion and kindness for our World! Together we can create a new consciousness for ourworld.   Gather a […]

Feb 072014
Boise - World Day of Metta

View Photos from our 2014 event in Boise. Metta – Music – Dancers – Speakers – Children’s Art Show! People of many faiths will come together to celebrate, pray, sing & express loving kindness – with goodwill for ALL Beings. We hope you will be one of them! Where: Boise Universalist Fellowship – 6200 N. […]

Jan 082014
Kids4Metta Art Gallery

Kids 4 Metta Virtual Art Gallery: Visions of Loving Kindness from the Hearts of Children Across the World Please send us your child’s Metta artwork for display in our Virtual Art Gallery. Artwork from children ages 5-15 is welcome in the gallery. Please see important information to follow on how to submit your pictures for […]