The Metta


What is Metta?

Metta means ‘Kindness’, ‘Loving-Kindness’, or ‘The Good’.

Why Metta?

The Metta advocates using our most powerful tools, love and kindness, for personal, ecological, and social transformation. The Metta is a new story to seed consciousness with joyous possibility so that fresh air, water, food, love, joy and peace become realities in this world. As a platform on which all ecological and social movements may stand, the Metta highlights WE consciousness, unity and relationship. Metta promotes a worldview that can free us from the grip of the industrial growth society for when we draw our thoughts, words, actions, principles, and policies from the Metta, we can return to harmony within ourselves and in the world.

A new paradigm:

Our world is facing unprecedented problems including a global water crisis, food crisis, environmental degradation, war, violence, overconsumption, failing economies, and dependence upon fossil fuels. The pervasive notion that we are separate from each other, from the Earth, and from our true divine nature is a far reaching story at the roots of most world struggles. The actions and societal structures necessary for lasting change are dependent upon a foundational shift of values, attitudes and our perception of reality–a paradigm shift. The transformation of our present conditions will be founded on very different assumptions about life, self, and the world. Metta is a pathway outside the dominant paradigm of separation and linear, reductionist thinking and together we can work to weave a new story–a new consciousness. The universe works as a whole, self-regulating system. How can humans be a thriving part of this system working in wholeness as the Universe works in wholeness? How do we reassert relationship to live in harmony with Life?

To view the natural world as separate from humans is to ignore the components, chemical and biological, that make up all life. We must no longer live informed by the worldview that tells we are detached, separate selves competing for scarce resources. It is up to us, individually and collectively, to make the choices to halt the destructive ideology and ways that are literally killing us. Nothing short of a miracle is needed to heal the damage done on our planet yet, every time we say the Metta we cultivate great possibility—we penetrate the dominant paradigm calling us back to wholeness. Through Metta we transcend the false illusion of separation and accept the miracle of creative force that humans can manifest. WE can create a thriving future together by saying, sharing, and living the Metta.

How to participate:

Fill yourself with Metta. The most important and immediate action you can take is to say the Metta as many times as you can each day. What we think and say becomes the foundation of our beliefs. Our beliefs create our actions. Our actions shape our world. Create Metta in your heart, Metta in your mind, and Metta will manifest in our world.

Create Metta for others in the world every day. Smile at a stranger, say please and thank you, invite friends to play, help an elderly person at the store, share meals with others, listen as well as talk, hug your child, walk or play with your pet, call your mother or father, forgive an old injury, recycle, reuse and re-claim the gifts of the earth, grow a garden and share the produce, donate and volunteer, feed the birds, etc.  There are a hundred other ways to act from loving kindness and generosity.

Join and volunteer with organizations that support a vision of the Metta. Homeless shelters, animal shelters, Make-A-Wish, food banks, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Doctors without Borders, International Fund for Animal Welfare,, Refugees International, UNICEF, Child Fund, Save the Children, Mercy Corp, Red Cross, Emergency Nutrition Network – these are just some of the many possibilities.

Share the message of Metta. Tell your friends, share the links to this website and our Facebook page, leave a Metta-card on a strangers windshield, etc.  Encourage your children, grandchildren and neighbor children to join you in saying the Metta each day.

May all beings have fresh air to breathe

 May all beings have fresh clean water to drink

May all beings have food to eat

May all beings have a home

May all beings have someone to share love with

May all beings know their true purpose

May all beings be well and happy

May all beings be free from suffering

Today, I shall do what I can to make this so.